About the exhibition

Brno ferret shows have a long tradition and are considered a prestigious event among breeders and breeders. They are intended for those who already have a ferret, as well as those who are just thinking about it.

During the show day, the appearance of the competing ferrets of each age and hair length is judged, as well as their suitability for breeding. At the same time, the breeder can show off the ferret at the Ferret Olympics, where they show the audience what it means to be „agile like a ferret“.

Visitors can come and see what a live ferret looks like in action, ask questions about everything important when considering getting their own ferret and find a suitable kennel. It is also possible to pet some of the ferrets by appointment. It is not possible to buy a ferret baby at the show. 

You will also find various stalls selling pet supplies and a charity raffle. All proceeds go to the Klubko Ferret Shelter. The raffle is instantly winnable, so you don’t have to wait for the final announcement. 

The ferret portrait can be taken by professional photographer David Spidlen.

Information for exhibitors can be found here.


Saturday 24 Sep 2022


Středisko volného času Lužánky, Milénova 13, Brno-Lesná

The exhibition area is located near the forest park Čertova rokle. It is bordered on the other side by a housing estate. 

There are several restaurants nearby: Restaurace & pub Les, GoMenu, Charlies 4est, U Divošky a Hospůdka Oáza

Parking is available in the nearby parking lots: directly on Milénova Street, as well as in the parking lots on Vaculíkova and Loosova Street. 

Transportation by public transport from the Main Railway Station and the bus station at Grand by tram 9 to the final stop Čertova rokle (16 minutes). The venue is 350 metres away on foot, about 6 minutes.


10.00                         exhibition opening *

*the exhibitor shall attend the veterinary inspection from 8.30 to 9.30 a.m.

10.00 – 16.00          rating

11.00                         presentation of ferret shelter Klubko

12.00 – 12.30           lunch break

13.00                         start of the ferret olympics

14.00                         presentation of ferret shelter Klubko

15.00                         announcement of winning ferret drawing

15:30                         announcement of the olympics winners

16.00                         announcement of the winners of the show

17.00                          end of the exhibition

Accompanying programme

Throughout the day, ferrets will be photographed by professional photographer David Spidlen in the mirrored hall.

You will have the opportunity to show your knowledge of ferret anatomy at the competition for the most beautiful ferret drawing with crayons. It will be decided by the audience’s evaluation. 

This year, as usual, you will be able to contribute to a good thing by buying raffle tickets. You will find out immediately if you are the winner and you can choose the prize from the raffle. All money raised goes to the ferret shelter Klubko.

The Klubko shelter will be presented by its manager Ilona Magdaléna Šliková during the day.

You will be able to shop for your and your ferret’s pleasure in the Shop at Majda’s and in the Pelíšky by Markétka stand.

Once you have had your ferrets judged by the evaluators and photographed by David Špidlen, you can go for a walk around the area where the park Čertova rokle is located.


About exhibition
About exhibition
About exhibition
About exhibition